Marmara Baghdad Dicle City

The Project is located near the Tigris River and
the Iraqi Presidential Palace including 6,500 residential,
shopping mall and two 30-storey residences,
is also poised to become one of the Iraq's largest city projects.

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Durr'at Kerbela

The project located in Karbala, is comprised of 1264 villas,
7 schools, 2 mosques, shopping centers, sports halls,
swimming pools, artificial ponds, security center and
health center is also considered as one of the
biggest projects in Iraq.

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Hz. Hüseyin High School

The education campus project has been started
since January 2014, designed by World famous
British Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, is a highly prestigious
Project in terms of its unique design and outstanding symbol
for Iraq.

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Marmara Konakları

We are planning to complete our 1000 flat project
in the last quarter of 2014.

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Marmara Residence

The project consists of 70 flats in different flat types.
1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 flats are available.
1,200 m2 two-storey car park, mini movie theater,
male and female sauna, hammam and jacuzzi, children's play area,
fitness room and restaurant services are also available in the complex.

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Marmara Concept

The residence housing project consists of 216 apartment flats
as well as 40 units of home office and studio apartment flats.

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Marmara Engineering & Construction Inc. Co. established in 1993, in 21 years period, it has initiated important projects in engineering, construction, substructure, landscaping, mapping and public works. It has maintained its professional discipline and ethical values while completing high quality projects that render service to society.As the founder of this company, I feel proud that it has created ideal solutions that meet the expectation so four customers and provided employment to so many people in their completion.

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